How to Study the Bible — Core Seminar at Lake Drive Baptist Church

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I’m excited to start this new Core Seminar series this Sunday at Lake Drive Baptist Church. In the next 20 weeks we will cover the following topics:

Introductory Matters:

  1. The Bible—the Object of Study
  2. Translations—the Medium for Study
  3. Bible study—the Basics of Study


  1. Common Pitfalls
  2. Backgrounds and Culture
  3. Purpose, Context, Structure, and Tone
  4. Genre and Literary/Rhetorical Devices
  5. Details of the Text
  6. Biblical Interpretation and the Biblical Canon
  7. Scripture Using Scripture


  1. Epistles
  2. OT Narrative
  3. Law
  4. NT narrative—Gospels and Acts
  5. Parables
  6. Psalms
  7. Wisdom Literature
  8. Prophecy
  9. Apocalyptic


  • Using Resources