Jeff & Meredith in Albania (Missionary Profile)

Kirk was privileged to sit down for a conversation with one of CrossWay Milwaukee’s missionaries, Jeff, who serves in Albania. In this episode, we get to learn more about Jeff and his family, how the Lord called them to cross-cultural missions, what their ministry in Albania looks like, and ways we can be praying for them.

Jeff and Meredith received the call to missions while they were members of our church, and while Jeff was serving here as an elder. CrossWay Milwaukee is proud to be their sending church. Jeff and Meredith currently work with local Albanian Christians to help evangelize the lost and establish indigenous self-sustaining churches. Their ultimate goal to see the gospel spread to other surrounding regions.

Access the episode here. (Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and more.)

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Philosophy of Ministry

The following is my philosophy of ministry, originating as an assignment submitted to Martin R. Crain in partial fulfillment for the course PT 7460 MDiv Capstone Seminar, and eventually developed into its next iteration as an official document for South City Church, and eventually now its final form as a foundational document for CrossWay Community Church.

In addition, I’ve attached CrossWay’s Purpose & Pursuits that covers the same general content but in a more popular format for use in things like our membership class.

Link to audio recording.

The Helvetic Confession’s High View of Preaching

“The preaching of the Word of God is the Word of God. Wherefore when this Word of God is now preached … we believe that the very Word of God is proclaimed, and received by the faithful … and that now the Word itself which is preached is to be regarded, not the minister that preaches….”

—The Second Helvetic Confession (Chapter I)

“Concerning the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven which the Lord gave to the apostles … all properly called ministers possess and exercise the keys or the use of them when they proclaim the Gospel; that is, when they teach, exhort, comfort, rebuke, and keep in discipline the people committed to their trust. For in this way they open the Kingdom of Heaven to the obedient and shut it to the disobedient. … Christ’s ministers discharge the office of an ambassador in Christ’s name, as if God himself through ministers exhorted the people to be reconciled to God. … Therefore, they excercise the keys when they persuade [men] to believe and repent. Thus they reconcile men to God. Thus they remit sins.”

—The Second Helvetic Confession (Chapter XIV)

“Ministers, therefore, rightly and effectually absolve when they preach the Gospel of Christ and thereby the remission of sins, which is promised to each one who believes, … and when they testify that it pertains to each one peculiarly. … The remission of sins in the blood of Christ is to be diligently proclaimed, and that each one is to be admonished that the forgiveness of sins pertains to him.”

—The Second Helvetic Confession (Chapter XIV)