The Significance of Christ’s Resurrection (Training Seminar)


What exactly did Jesus’ resurrection accomplish and why does it matter? This Training Seminar (via YouTube Playlist) seeks to provide a survey of the Bible’s teaching on the significance of Jesus’ resurrection.

1. Christ’s resurrection demonstrates the power of God

God’s raising of Jesus is a display of God’s power, which includes nothing short of being able to bring the dead back to life.

2. Christ’s resurrection serves as decisive proof of his ministry and claims

If Jesus rose from the dead, then it shows us that his claims were true and that he truly was who he said he was.

3. God’s acts of raising Christ from the dead expresses his approval and affirmation of Christ

The fact that God is the one who is said to have raised Christ tells us something of God’s disposition towards Christ. God’s resurrection of Christ is his vindicating (or justifying) Christ.

4. Christ’s resurrection fulfills the enthronement of a king from David’s line

Jesus’ resurrection was his coronation as the Davidic “Son of God,” issuing forth into his exaltation to the right hand of God. There he is now enthroned as the promised king from David’s line, fulfilling God’s covenant with David.

5. Christ’s resurrection vindicates him as messiah, fulfilling the scriptures

Jesus is the messiah since he fulfills the scriptures which testify that the Christ (or messiah) would rise from the dead.

6. Christ’s resurrection confirmed his appointment as judge

God’s raising Jesus from death serves as confirmation that God has appointed him to serve as judge of the world.

7. Through his resurrection, Christ triumphed over demonic forces

Christ disarmed demonic forces and proclaimed his victory over them through his resurrection.

8. Christ’s resurrection shows that he successfully paid the full wages of sin

When Christ died for sin, he paid the punishment for our sin, namely death itself.

9. Christ’s resurrection was his own justification—and by extension ours.

In Christ’s death, he bears the sentence “condemned” for us; so, likewise, in his resurrection, he achieves the verdict “justified,” a status shared by all those united to him.

10. Christ’s resurrection is the reason we can appeal to God for a clean conscience

The only basis we have for appealing to God for a good conscience is the finished work of Christ, as brought about in his resurrection.

11. Having been raised to indestructible life, Christ is able to make permanent intercession for believers

Because Christ has been raised from the dead, he always lives, interceding on our behalf.

12. Through his resurrection, Christ annihilated death and obtained immortality (resurrection-life)

Christ’s resurrection is the defeat of death, having fully absorbed death and coming out the other side completely free from its grip.

13. Christ’s resurrection inaugurates the end-time resurrection of the dead

Christ’s resurrection in the midst of history belongs to the general resurrection of the dead which is to occur at the end of history.

14. Christ represents us in his resurrection, securing our future resurrection

When Christ comes again, we will be raised from the dead, as we will then share in his resurrection which he accomplished for us.

15. Believers already experience resurrection with Christ inwardly, spiritually

Through our union with Christ, believers already participate in the regenerative power of his resurrection.

16. Christ’s resurrection ushers in the renewal of creation (new creation)

Christ’s resurrection belongs to the new creation, and thus means new creation life even now for all those united to him.

17. Christ’s resurrection means our labor is not in vain

If death is final, then nothing in this life ultimately matters. But Jesus defeated death, and thus what we do in this life matters, because there’s more to life than just this life itself.

18. Jesus’ resurrection is the reason for our hope

We can hope, even in the face of death, because we know that one day the dead in Christ will be raised.

19. Having been raised to life, Christ continues to work and reign over his people even today

The resurrected Christ is alive and active even today!


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