The Significance of Christ’s Resurrection: Scriptural Mediations for Resurrection Sunday

The following is the section on Christ’s resurrection from my personal statement of faith.

If you’d like, use the following, with its footnotes of scriptural references, to work your way  through relevant texts and mediate on the meaning and significance of Christ’s resurrection.

Christ’s bodily resurrection serves as the decisive validation of his ministry and claims.[1] God’s resurrection of Jesus[2] demonstrates that Christ’s sin-vanquishing (and thereby death-defeating) death was indeed effective[3] and vindicates him as God’s appointed Messiah.[4] In fact, it is regarded as his Messianic enthronement.[5] His appointment as judge is confirmed by his resurrection.[6] Because he lives indestructibly, he is permanently able to make intersession for those for whom he died.[7] Through his resurrection he triumphed over demonic forces.[8] Christ embodies the hope of resurrection.[9] In his resurrection, he annihilated death and obtained incorruptibility.[10] As such, in him the eschatological order of resurrection,[11] new creation,[12] new humanity,[13] and Spirit-empowered[14] existence has dawned. His personal resurrection inaugurates the general resurrection.[15] It functions representatively for all those united to him.[16] In him believers are already raised spiritually[17] and will eventually be raised bodily[18]—one holistic resurrection occurring in two installments.

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