The ESV Scripture Journals – A Review

I received a copy of the ESV Scripture Journal: New Testament Set in exchange for an honest review.

ESV Scripture Journals contain the full text of Biblical books alongside lightly lined, blank pages opposite the text, allowing readers to journal, write out prayers, or take study notes as they read scripture.

You can purchase individual volumes of specific books of the Bible at around $5 a piece. Alternatively, you can purchase the full Old Testament Set, New Testament Set, or the entire Bible at discounted rates. There’s also an electronic (PDF) version available.

The Old and New Testament sets come in a nice slipcase box.

Volumes and sets are available in a standard or illustrated format.


  • Paperback
  • Size: 5.75 x 8 inches.
  • A large 11.75-point type
  • Single-column, paragraph format
  • Thick, opaque, cream-colored paper, great for writing on
  • Full, lightly lined blank pages opposite each page of Bible text
  • Wide margins


The ESV Scripture Journals are great for…

  • Private devotions – Record insights, prayers, or applications from your daily scripture reading.
  • Sermon or teaching prep – As you prepare sermons or lessons, use the ESV scripture journal to mark up the text and record your observations.
  • Taking sermon or Bible study notes – Bring your ESV scripture journal to church to take and record notes through your church’s next sermon series.