How Can I Love Church Members with Different Politics? (Book Recommendation)

Although we believe the same things concerning our faith, Christians nonetheless often differ in their politics. How can this be? And when it does happen, how can we love those with whom we disagree? These are the exact questions Andy Naselli and Jonathan Leeman seek to answer in this short, practical book.

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The Gospel & Personal Evangelism by Mark Dever (Book Recommendation)

Do you struggle to share your faith with unbelievers? Do you often feel ill-equipped for the task? Many Christians want to share the gospel more frequently with others but feel intimidated or incapable of doing so. In this book, Mark Dever discloses the Biblical foundations for evangelism and challenges us to think through the “what, why, who, and how?” of evangelism.

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Experiential Calvinism: A Functional Theology of the Doctrines of Grace (with J. A. Medders)

What are the so-called doctrines of grace? And what bearing do they have on our lives? Jeff Medders joins me to talk about Calvinism and the practical ways it ought to manifest in those who believe it.

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A Christian Assessment of News Consumption (with Jeffrey Bilbro)

In a world in which our consumption of news is increasingly polarized and sensational, and disinformation is all too common, how do we combat such unhealthy habits to form a better relationship with the news? And what, after all, is the news even for? What is a particularly Christian mode of engaging and consuming news? In his book, Reading the Times: A Literary and Theological Inquiry Into the News, Jeffrey Bilbro provides a theological, even historical, perspective on the function and impact of the news in our lives, a diagnosis of our problem, and a reframing of how we might construct alternative practices.

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Some key concepts and ideas from the book:

  1. “Macademized minds” (or fragmented attention)

Our attentions are overloaded; we are unable to attend in meaningful ways because there’s too much to attend to.

As a result, presentations of the news become competingly sensational in order to compete for our distracted attention.

Thus, we need to develop better habits for shaping what we give our attention to.

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What is the Gospel? by Greg Gilbert (Book Recommendation)

The “gospel” (or good news) is the message of what God has done to save sinners through Jesus. It is the message of salvation, the center of the Christian faith. What is the Gospel? by Greg Gilbert provides a concise and helpful overview of the gospel message. Whether you aren’t yet a believer and are looking to get introduced to what Christians believe, you’re a new believer seeking greater clarity, or you’re a more mature believer looking for a refresher, this book is a valuable resource.

In addition, you can download my study guide for the book.