ESV Reader’s Bible (with Chapter and Verse Numbers) — A Review

ESV Reader’s Bible, Six-Volume Set: With Chapter and Verse Numbers, Cloth over Board with Permanent Slipcase



  • What is a reader’s Bible?
  • Why a reader’s Bible?
  • This particular reader’s Bible → chapter and verse markings.



  • 6 volume set: (1) Pentateuch, (2) Historical Books, (3) Poetry, (4) Prophets, (5) Gospel & Acts, (6) Epistles & Revelation (following LXX order, standard in English translations).
  • Comes with permanent slipcase/holder.
  • Cloth-over-board (hardcover).
  • Also available: premium goatskin edition; single-volume version.
  • Single-column.
  • Generous spacing.
  • 12 point font.
  • Higher quality, thicker paper.
  • Smaller, less obtrusive verse markings.
  • Chapter and verse location provided in corners.
  • Black text (no red letter).
  • Minimal use of headings.
  • No cross references or citation references.
  • No footnotes.



  • Provides a format to experience and interact with the Bible less like a reference work.
    • A more enjoyable experience, like reading a “regular” book.
    • Helps with reading larger quantities of scripture (provides more accurate perception).
  • I prefer the inclusion of chapter and verse markings in this version (best of both worlds).
  • Probably needs to be a supplement to a regular one-volume versions of the Bible. (This will be my “at-home” Bible.)
  • I’d prefer is they had ditched the headers altogether.
  • $200 retail (I found at $115 elsewhere).
  • Premium leather edition = $500 ($280 elsewhere).
  • Single-volume edition = $20+.


More photos (download).