RECOMMENDED: Q&A with Sam Allberry on Homosexuality (ERLC)

The ERLC has shared several videos in which Pastor Sam Allberry tackles difficult and important questions regarding the church and homosexuality.

You can see the full collection videos at ERLC’s website.

Below are a few samples.

Why Is Saying “Same-Sex Attraction” Is A Choice So Problematic?

Can You Have A Heart Of Repentance For A Desire You Don’t Control?

Is Same-Sex Attraction A Sin?

How Do We Work To Establish Language, In The Church, That Does Not Alienate Same-Sex Members?

How Should A Church Develop A Culture That Deals Openly With Same-Sex Attraction?

How Can Christians Minister To A Same-Sex Attracted Member Who Is Experiencing Loneliness?

Is Living Out One’s Sexual Desires Necessary To LIving A Happy Life?

How Do Families Explain Same-Sex Attraction To Their Children?