RECOMMENDED – RightNow – “The Netflix of Bible Study” (FREE)

I just got free access to this thing called RightNow. I was able to get free access through my school, Trinity International University. And you can have access to it as well, for FREE!

They call it “the Netflix for Bible study.” And as you will see, that’s a pretty good description of it.

Note: If you’re wondering why I’m sharing this free access with you, an audience that includes non-Trinity students, and if you’re wondering whether this is ethical behavior, allow me to explain.

I noticed that there is a tab on the website to share free access with other people by just entering their email address. But, since my access was through Trinity, I wasn’t sure if it was ethical to do so. But I also wasn’t sure why they made it so easy to do it if it was unethical. But I thought, if I’m allowed to share this with others, I definitely want to do so. What a great resource! So I emailed someone at TEDS who was in charge of granting us access to it. And he just let me know that I am free to share this with whomever. So, that’s why I’m sharing this! It’s totally legit. Have at it.