Christmas Letter 2013

Merry Christmas

from Kirk and Ann Miller

Christmas Letter 2013, A


“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.” – 1 John 1:14



Greetings from Deerfield, IL. This past year has been a busy one with lots of new adventures.

Kirk has just finished his third semester of seminary and will be wrapping up the halfway point in his M.Div. this Spring.

Besides school, Kirk has kept himself busy with two part time jobs between the library and the sports complex. Kirk recently was promoted to a reference librarian position in which he looks forward to utilizing his theological and biblical language training.

At the beginning of the summer, Kirk had the privilege of teaching a class—“The Gospel and How to Present It”—to the summer staff of Lake Lundgren Bible Camp.

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And thanks to mom and dad’s financial sponsorship, Kirk has the amazing opportunity to go to Israel this spring!

This year has been a transitional year for Ann. She is still getting used to living in the Chicago area.

This school year, Ann was appointed as a small group leader for Trinity Wives Fellowship. Last year they studied the wisdom literature and Mark; but this year she lead a study on Colossians.

Although Ann enjoyed her job and the precious friends she made there, Ann accepted a customer service position at ULine. She has enjoyed her training and is becoming quite knowledgeable in packaging supplies.


We have also enjoyed our continuing involvement with our church this past year. Kirk still runs the teen ministry and helps with the sound in the service. But he’s also picked up further roles—forming a new plan for missions involvement and administrating the website and social media. This summer Kirk co-taught an Old Testament teaching series. And having finished teaching the book of Romans, he will now be starting a new series with the teens on understanding the overarching storyline of scripture. Ann frequently helps out with children’s church. She also loves developing deeper relationships with her friends.

Life in the Chicago area is not too bad. We have enjoyed trying different Chicago-style pizzas and ethnic foods, like Indian! We also went to the aquarium, got massages for Ann’s birthday, and went to a comedy club for our 2-year anniversary. And in the summer, we enjoyed making use of our new grill.

But we’ve also been able to make some trips too—one to Indiana to see our friends’ wedding and a couple trips here and there to see family (but not enough!).

We hope your year has been blessed as well and wish you a merry Christmas and happy new year.

~ Kirk and Ann Miller