Christmas Quiz!

I made this Christmas quiz (styled after the game show Jeopardy) to play with the teens in my Sunday school this morning. Unfortunately, due to inclement weather, our church services were canceled today. But in any case, I might as well share it in case any of you might enjoy it.

Christmas Quiz!

Technical instructions

  • Download the file — click on the file link below.
  • Open the file; but make sure you don’t look through any of the slides (unless you want to see all the questions and answers!)
  • Click the “Slide Show” tab on the top menu. From there, click “From Start” to start the slideshow from the start.
  • This will bring you to a welcome screen. Move to the next slide. This brings you to the main page for the game.
  • From here (i.e., the main page) you can select various questions based on various point values by clicking on the point values.
  • Clicking on a point value will bring you to a slide with the corresponding question. Click the right arrow in the bottom right corner to reveal the correct answer. Click the left arrow in the bottom left corner to return to the game’s main page.

Game instructions

  • Like Jeopardy, there are various question categories.
    • In Christmas Bible Verses, a verse will be given; you must name the book to which the verse belongs (or chapter and/or verse if you want a greater challenge).
    • In Christmas Carols, some lines from a Christmas carol are given; you must name the song.
    • In Bible Christmas Characters, an identifying piece of information is provided; you must name the biblical individual.
    • In Christmas theology, some theological doctrine or biblical fact is given; you must respond with the appropriate term or answer.
    • In Christmas tradition, you are asked to answer “non-biblical” questions at least somewhat related to Christmas traditions and festivities.
  • Divide into teams, take turns picking questions, and keep score if you like (and however you like).