The Gospel & Personal Evangelism by Mark Dever

This is less of a review and more of a recommendation.

One of the ways I evaluate whether a book is really good is whether or not I will read it a second time. … A few weeks ago I finished this book for the second time.

As Mark Dever notes in the video below, his purpose for writing this book was to provide an excellent introductory level book (only 119 pages!) on evangelism written for the average Christian. But at the same time, although he speaks in common, easy-to-understand language, the instruction and insights in this book are deep and well-worth the meditations of any Christian.

The Gospel and Personal Evangelism 2In this book Dever helps Christians to think well about evangelism–what is the Gospel? how should we evangelize? why should we evangelize? etc. And he accomplishes just that.

–Which brings us to a particular strength in this book. As opposed to many books an evangelism, Dever doesn’t assume the Gospel before jumping into questions about evangelism. And more so, when he talks about evangelism, he does not present evangelism in terms of “the best (business modeled, psychological, or campus-ministry-proven) methods out there,” but it terms of “what does the Bible have to say?”

His writing style is definitely practical and his insights are very tangible. His content is extremely Biblical and theologically based.

The book is excellent. I highly recommend it.

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Overal – 4.5
Content – 4
Readability – 5
Worth reading – 5