The Music of Keith and Kristyn Getty

For Christmas, one of the gifts my wife got me was an iTunes gift card. Before Christmas, I must have mentioned to my wife my desire to purchase some new music by some artists that I liked but did not already own any of their tracks. One musical “group” (if I can accurately call them a group) of which I bought music was the Gettys–Keith and Kristyn Getty. You may know them by their very popular song, “In Christ Alone.” My current church, Lake Drive Baptist Church in Milwaukee, tends to sing many of their songs during congregational worship. This is partly how I came to enjoy their music so much–besides the fact that the lyrics are typically fantastic and rich! I would like to recommend their works to you.

These are the following tracks I purchased (I have enjoyed them all):

  • The Power of the Cross
  • There is a Higher Throne
  • Across the Lands
  • In Christ Alone
  • Beneath the Cross
  • See, What a Morning
  • Speak, O Lord
  • O, Church Arise

Many of their lyrics come from the song writer Stuart Townend who writes some of my favorite songs such as “His Robes for Mine.” Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to produce his own music, at least not that I know of.