A Lowered View of God: Some Words on “Divine Selfishness”

Often times a plainly strange thinking finds its way into our perception of how humans/we relate to God. This false thought (although not often purposed) is thinking that instead of man being made for God, God was made for us, that God is for man, not properly vice versa. And of course the first problem with this statement is the word “made,” for God is eternal. He is the Creator, the maker, not “the made.” But not only is this the first problem, from here other issues develop.

We are told in Romans 1:25 that we have worshiped the created and neglected our “worth-giving” to the Creator. Why? Because in this mindset of ours, God has been lowered to our level. He has become just as much created as we are because we have made Him to be as if He was made for us. But this is completely false. Allow me to explain.

The theme of the Bible is “God’s glory.” On the other hand, many often state that the theme of the scriptures is redemption. However, even redemption points to God’s glory. God doesn’t exist so that He can redeem us. Our redemption exists to glorify God more (Ephesians 1).

But this thought could be twisted; and I’m afraid it often is. One could state, “So God’s motives for saving us are then selfish because He acts in order to bring glory to Himself.” But the very essence of this statement claims the self-existent, transcendent, Creator cannot do such things (that is, seek His own glory). Yet, who are we to judge the supreme judge? Can I propose that God wouldn’t be God if He didn’t seek His own Glory? It is not logically possible for the infinite being, the ultimate reality, to create for on other purpose besides Himself, seeing nothing else existed as an available option for the purpose in His creative activity.

This accusation against God, that He is selfish, is in actuality a selfish accusation. It says, “Why should God seek glory? I want the glory for myself!” This is the satanic sin, the sin of Satan. Even if God theoretically did not have the right to seek His own glory, what would make us think we would have such a right?

God’s unconditional love for us in redemption for the purpose of His glory may seem contradictory in terms, for one may argue, “His purposed is conditioned on bringing Himself glory. His purpose shows His selfishness.” However, does not God’s unconditional love, despite nothing good found in us and everything evil found in us, even more point to His glory in how He deals with us? He may seek His own glory, but that hardly means he doesn’t care for us. And that is just it. We make claims that He is unjust, that He is selfish. Where do we get off? Why shouldn’t He get all the glory? Salvation glorifies God more, but why are the created complaining?

All of it stems from a lowered view of God and an exalted self. We are the selfish and unjust. We worship the created, not the Creator. God is love. Instead of giving us what we deserved, we’ve received grace. Let us worship this grace-giver.

Originally posted on former blog, I’m Calling Us Out.