A Lowered View of God: Some Words on “Divine Selfishness”

Often times a plainly strange thinking finds its way into our perception of how humans/we relate to God. This false thought (although not often purposed) is thinking that instead of man being made for God, God was made for us, that God is for man, not properly vice versa. And of course the first problem with this statement is the word “made,” for God is eternal. He is the Creator, the maker, not “the made.” But not only is this the first problem, from here other issues develop.

We are told in Romans 1:25 that we have worshiped the created and neglected our “worth-giving” to the Creator. Why? Because in this mindset of ours, God has been lowered to our level. He has become just as much created as we are because we have made Him to be as if He was made for us. But this is completely false. Allow me to explain.
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