Christmas Letter 2014

Merry Christmas

from Kirk and Ann Miller

Greetings from Deerfield, IL. This past year has been exciting and busy!

At the beginning of this year, Kirk began his new role at Trinity’s library as a reference librarian. He assists the library in purchasing new Biblical and theological works, writes research guides for the website, helps masters students, PhD students, and professors do research and writing, and began a new forum for students and faculty to have discussions on key Biblical and theological issues with leading scholars.

This Spring Kirk had the opportunity to do a study tour of Israel thanks to his parents, Jeff and Lisa.

Kirk continues his involvement at Lake Drive Baptist Church. He had the opportunity to attend a pastors’ conference with the church leadership in the spring. He finished teaching a series to the teens in the spring on the Bible’s overarching storyline, helped lead an adult small group, taught a series in the summer on the Gospel, had the privilege of preaching twice, and is currently finishing up a series with the adults on how to study the Bible. He also administrates the church’s teen ministry, website, social media, and sound.

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