Tongues | The Biblical Manifestation of Tongues-Speaking

The following belongs to a series on the continuation or cessation of the miraculous phenomena of tongues-speaking. Read the previous post here.


Before directly handling the issue of cessationism versus continuationism, one does well to first establish what the miraculous phenomena of tongues-speaking is in the Bible, and therefore, what it should look like if in fact the gift is for today.

Intelligible Human Languages and/or Babbling?

The first manifestation of tongues in scripture occurs in Acts 2.1 Verses 4-11 are undeniably clear that the nature of the tongues in this passage is unlearned, intelligible human languages.2 This is a miraculous phenomenon produced by the poured out Spirit (v.4) and is a miracle of speaking, not hearing.3 And in the following occurrences of tongues in Acts (ch. 10, 19, and possibly 8), Luke uses the same word that he used in chapter 2 to refer to this miraculous activity—glossa.4 Nothing in Luke’s writing implies that the manifestation of tongues in these proceeding texts differs at all from that of Acts 2.5

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