Christmas Letter 2014

Merry Christmas

from Kirk and Ann Miller

Greetings from Deerfield, IL. This past year has been exciting and busy!

At the beginning of this year, Kirk began his new role at Trinity’s library as a reference librarian. He assists the library in purchasing new Biblical and theological works, writes research guides for the website, helps masters students, PhD students, and professors do research and writing, and began a new forum for students and faculty to have discussions on key Biblical and theological issues with leading scholars.

This Spring Kirk had the opportunity to do a study tour of Israel thanks to his parents, Jeff and Lisa.

Kirk continues his involvement at Lake Drive Baptist Church. He had the opportunity to attend a pastors’ conference with the church leadership in the spring. He finished teaching a series to the teens in the spring on the Bible’s overarching storyline, helped lead an adult small group, taught a series in the summer on the Gospel, had the privilege of preaching twice, and is currently finishing up a series with the adults on how to study the Bible. He also administrates the church’s teen ministry, website, social media, and sound.

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Announcing Table Talk Event: Inerrancy with Kevin Vanhoozer

I’m excited to announce a new series of events that reference librarian, Rebecca Miller, and I will be hosting at Rolfing Memorial Library. They are called Table Talks; and at them we will host cross-table discussions on a variety of currently “hot” biblical, theological, ethical, ministerial, and cultural topics demanding our concern. At each Table Talk, an expert on the given topic will also be present to facilitate discussion

We start off this new series of events with the topic of inerrancy, facilitated by prestigious TEDS professor, Kevin Vanhoozer. Vanhoozer is a contributor in the recently published Five Views on Biblical Inerrancy. He defended the position he titled, “Augustinian Inerrancy: Literary Meaning, Literal Truth, and Literate Interpretation in the Economy of Biblical Discourse.”

We look forward to seeing you there!

How to Study the Bible — Core Seminar at Lake Drive Baptist Church

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 1.30.30 PM

I’m excited to start this new Core Seminar series this Sunday at Lake Drive Baptist Church. In the next 20 weeks we will cover the following topics (files will be attached below as the become available):

Introductory Matters:

1 | The Bible—the Object of Study (lessonhandout)
2 | Translations—the Medium for Study (lessonhandout)
3 | Bible study—the Basics of Study (lesson; handout)

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Israel Trip (Photos)

About two years ago, my parents had the opportunity to take a study tour of Israel. And about two years ago my parents decided to send me instead of themselves. Therefore, I offer a big thanks to them for providing me with this opportunity. And I’d like to ‘dedicate’ this post to them.

I spent the past 10-11 days on a study tour in Israel. We visited an unbelievable amount of locations (more than are represented in the photos here); and I took a enormous amount of photos (around 1,250!). I’d like to share an incredibly narrowed down selection of those photos. The following are some of my amateur iPhone shots that I took throughout the trip. Enjoy!

**Click on photos for larger images.

 Jerusalem Area

Mount of Olives from Mount Scopus.

Mount of Olives (left) and Jerusalem (right) from Mount Scopus.

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