Logos Bible Software, Preaching Suite (Review)


The Preaching Suite is new base package from Logos Bible Software designed with tools and resources specifically with preachers in mind.

Some years back, Logos came out with Denominational Base Packages with resources specifically selected from various traditions (e.g., Reformed, Baptist, Methodist, etc.). You might think of the new Preaching Suite something akin to that, except instead of being a base package designed for a particular denomination, its resources are geared towards preaching.

You can break down the Preaching Suite‘s resources as follows:

  • A sermon scheduling tool (Sermon Manager).
  • Sermon prep and study resources (e.g., commentaries, Bible dictionaries, homiletical resources, Logo’s Factbook, passage guides, preaching workflows, etc.).
  • A sermon composition tool (Sermon Builder).
  • A sermon delivery tool (Preaching Mode).
  • And finally a streamline way to upload and archive your recorded sermons.

The Preaching Suite is available via a monthly subscription; or own it for a one-time fee.

Sermon Scheduling

Map out your sermon schedule, along with each sermon’s relevant details, in Logos’ Sermon Manager.

Sermon Study

To aid you in your sermon study, Preaching Suite contains a package of study resources and tools, like Bible commentaries, Bible dictionaries, homiletical resources, Logo’s Factbook, Passage Guides, Preaching Workflows, etc.).

I recommended visiting the following links to browse the full list of resources in each tier (see the resources listed under “Library Resources” on these pages): Essential (tier-1), Standard (tier-2), Premium (tier-3).

Some of the better resources available in these packages include the ESV Expository Commentary (included in all tiers), the New Bible Commentary (available tier-2 and up), Charles Hodge Systematic Theology (tier-2 and up) and the Preaching the Word series (included in tier-3).

Sermon Composition

Using Logos’ Sermon Builder, write your sermons directly in Logos. The Sermon Builder will automatically create slideshow for you.

Sermon Delivery

Once your done writing your sermon in Sermon Builder, simply take your device straight into the pulpit and preach using Sermon Builder’s Preaching Mode.

Sermon Archiving & Uploading

Finally, when you’re done preaching your sermon, publish and archive it in an online database with Faithlife Sermons*, where you will have access to it later when needed.

*Faithlife Sermons archive/uploading is only included in a the subscription version of Preaching Suite.

Three Tiers

Assessment & Recommendation

All in all, the Preaching Suites are pretty light and minimal base packages. They are essentially smaller-end base packages with a focus on expository resources, but not as much in terms of more technical, exegetical resources.

The greatest benefit of these packages then is their cost. If you are looking for something more cost-effective, but with resources specifically suitable for preachers, this very well may be a better option than the lower-end Standard Base Packages (compare here). Each Preaching Suite is less expensive then every version of the Standard Bronze (tier-2) Packages, and is closer in cost to the Starter Packages, but with potentially more attractive resources to you. (Again, I recommend looking at each’s list of resources and comparing.)

However, if you are looking for something more serious, with resources (e.g., commentaries) designed for more in-depth study, you may want to consider spending your money on a higher level Base Package, which will also include all the tools and gadgets in these Preaching Suites, but with superior resources (books) in my opinion. In short, if you have the money, you’re better off buying one of the more traditional Base Packages.

Full disclosure: I received compensation in exchange for this review. However, that compensation did not impact the content of this review.