How to Have Your iPad or iPhone Read to You

I want to make you aware of an awesome new feature now available with the latest iOS update on your iPhone or iPad.

Have you ever wanted you iPhone or iPad to read to you, to make any of your ebooks function like an audio book or to listen to a webpage while multitasking? Now you can.

Let me walk you through how to do just that. (The screen shots below are from my iPad.)

(1) First, open your Settings. Select General in the menu on the left hand side. And then select Accessibility (identified by the red box in the picture below).

(2) Second, select Speech (red box).

(3) Third, select Speak Screen (red box).

(4) Fourth, notice the instructions for using this speech accessibility feature:

Swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen to hear the content of the screen.

That will be important to remember for using this feature.

Optional: Here you can edit the pace of the speech (that can also be adjusted later) or download different voices to read to you.

(5) Finally, use the feature.

As noted above, to use this feature, simply swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen. This will automatically open the the playback menu seen at the bottom of the screen in the picture below.

What is much nicer about this new Speech feature as opposed to the older VoiceOver capability is that you can now pause, rewind, and skip ahead at any time using the playback menu. Furthermore, you can adjust the pace on the stop.

Also, place your finger on the playback menu and you can move it around. It also collapse eventually. Otherwise, press the arrow (<) in the menu to collapse it manually.