New: Desiring God and John Piper’s New ‘Look at the Book’

Desiring God, the headquarters of sorts for the ministry of John Piper, has just recently announced the launch of a new ministry. In a recent email they say,

This has been a dream for several years. In recent months, John Piper and the Desiring God team have been working behind the scenes to envision and develop this new tool for helping people to read the Bible for themselves. These 8-12 minute videos put the biblical text on the screen, and show Pastor John’s pen, as his voice guides us through the passage. His hope is not just to feed us from his catch, but to teach us to fish for ourselves.

I love John Piper, his passion for God, and his desire to see himself and others conformed to the world of scripture. I also find myself lining up with him theologically to a significant degree. Therefore, I have essentially no hesitation recommending to you what I believe is likely an incredible resource.

You can find specific ‘Look at the Book’ episodes on Desiring God’ website.

Check out the introduction video below.