Key Bible and Theological Reference Tools: Bible and Theological Dictionaries

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This post is part of a series entitled Key Bible and Theological Reference Tools. This series seeks to provide one with an introduction to some key Biblical and theological reference tools. In this series one will find basic explanations, significant examples, and other information about these reference tools.

Basic Description of Dictionaries

Bible and theological dictionaries are reference tools that serve as an encyclopedia on a given topic or Biblical corpus. They include a plethora of articles (typically around 1-3 pages in length and arranged alphabetically) related to their topic or Biblical corpus.

Listing of Helpful Dictionaries

Comprehensive Bible dictionaries:

OT dictionaries and dictionaries of OT corpuses:

NT dictionaries and dictionaries of NT corpuses:

Dictionaries related to backgrounds:

Dictionaries of Biblical theology:

Dictionaries of theology and Christian thought:

Dictionaries of Biblical imagery:

Dictionary Sample

New Dictionary of Biblical Theology by Brian S. Rosner, T. Desmond Alexander, Graeme Goldsworthy, D. A. Carson (Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic, 2000). 418-419.

Dictionary for Theological Interpretation of the Bible by Kevin J. Vanhoozer (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic, 2005), 258-259. * Click photo for larger image.

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