Advice to Students (Zondervan)

Recently, Zondervan has put out several “Advice to Student” videos featuring Bible and theological professors from around the world. As the school year begins, I thought I’d share some of these videos.

Keep the primary literature primary.

Learn to deal with the text 1) in terms of competency and 2) in terms of what questions you ask of it.

Read the Bible.

Don’t let academic study become an idol, an idol, an end in itself, or your focus to the exclusion of other important things, .
Read outside of your “circle.”
Ask questions.

Don’t pursue respect and be a man-pleaser.

Be apart of a church.
Theology is not merely an academic discipline. It cannot be separated from life and its purpose for the church.
Take your time.
Take initiative in you education.
Keep connected to the real world.