Books at a Glance

Books at a GlanceI recently received an email from Dr. Eric Tully, an Old Testament professor here at TEDS (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School), informing me about a new website in which he is participating. It’s called Books at a Glance. And it’s a site that provides summaries and reviews of various Christian books as well as interviews and some blog posts. The summaries are available with a subscription. The reviews and interviews are free and public. Eric will be doing summaries and reviews for the Old Testament; and they have a stellar list of other really solid scholars for other fields of study.

This is what Eric said about the site:

I’d like to make you aware of a new website that has just gone “live” called Books at a Glance. Dr. Carson is on the board and I am the OT book review editor. You’ll notice that many (most) of the staff are from Southern Baptist schools. However, I think the site potentially fills an important niche for students and pastors in that it provides summaries and reviews of books with a targeted focus. It is not as broad as a journal like Christianity Today, but it is not as academically focused as a journal like JETS. In addition, because it is a website, the hope is that reviews will be more timely [than journals, for example].

Note: There’s a code for a free trial for TEDS students.

None of us have the time to read everything that we would want to or keep up with the rate at which books are being published. So, this should be a really valuable resource.

The site just launched last week. Maybe consider checking it out.