Together for the [Underestimated] Gospel–Day 1

Besides being extremely tired and feeling as if I am coming down with a cold due to lack of sleep, today was a spectacular day. We showed up decently early to the conference and got a ton of free books, which mind you are quality reads. Then of course, beginning at 1:00 pm the sessions began.

One of my favorite aspects of these general sessions is the times prior to the messages or panel discussions in which an entire auditorium and Christian pastors, students, scholars, and other individuals join together to worship our God. Today my friends and I had seats towards the very front on the ground level, and I am telling you that in order to even hear myself singing I really had to belt it. The music was simple. The words were rich. And the passion and love for God was present. I absolutely loved coming together with such a large group of individuals and corporately proclaiming sound doctrine in praise of our great God!

Of course there were the messages. C.J. Mahaney was the lead off batter, then Al Mohler preached, and finally Mark Dever finished off the night with a spectacular message (my favorite of the three). I intended to share my sermon notes on here, however my friends and I are staying at a pretty shady motel and so the internet is failing out on me. Eventually I will post them so you can check them out. I think my notes on Dever’s message are pretty valuable so be sure to check back for those.

Lastly there were two panel discussions. The first was on Biblical manhood and womanhood and a confirmation of the complementarian position. One thought that was shared in that panel which I thought was particularly helpful, as did some of my friends, was how they stressed one can check the complementarian box and claim theologically to be a complementarian but practically fall into egalitarianism in one’s marriage, for example, or fall the other direction and be somewhat of an abusive boss figure rather than the loving leader in the home. There was also a panel discussion reaffirming the necessity of expository preaching in the church. This panel discussion was outstanding, but unfortunately I don’t think I can do justice to it buy summarizing it here. I’m sure it will be made available online though.

With that, I hope you enjoyed this update. Check back tomorrow to learn more about what’s happening here at T4G!