“Is This Song About God?” (i.e., “Hold Me” by Jamie Grace)

So, yesterday I saw this video (see below) on YouTube. It’s both entertaining and thought-provoking.

As a disclaimer, I do not agree with everything in this video. For example, I do believe many musical artists can rightly call themselves Christian artists, seeing they produce music that is blatantly Christian and their sole goal is to glorify and promote Christ and His Gospel. And secondly, calling something “Christian” does not necessitate it must have a soul as this individual implies. “Christian” has a much broader use than the idea of being “saved.” But that’s besides my point.

The reason I am posting this video is to share this individual’s critique of the confusing and ambiguous nature of so called “Christian” bands and songs. (Although I also enjoyed his brief critique of modern worship songs. He got a laugh out of me at that point.) One of the best current examples of this sort of ambiguously “Christian” music is the song “Hold Me” by Jamie Grace.

Now, I don’t follow this artist at all and I don’t know what her intentions were in writing this song. So, I am not judging her motives. She may mean very well. But the lyrics of this song really repulse me. This is not because her song is vulgar or crude. It’s because the entire song is very confusing if she is talking about God, which she supposedly is, because the words seem better fitted as directed towards her boyfirend or husband (if she has one). In fact one would be hard-pressed to show from a proper theology of God how she is even referring to Him in this song. It would certainly be a stretch. The fact is, apart from a couple slight insertions of the word “Lord,” I highly doubt the average person on the street if hearing this song would have any idea Jamie Grace is even singing about God. That bothers me immensely.

As a general rule of thumb, lyrics about God should not be confusable with lyrics about one’s boyfriend, girlfriend, crush, whatever. That is not appropriate for a song about the the sovereign Creator of the universe who is unfathomably holy and righteous. Now, their might be some exceptions of good songs about God that some still find too ambiguous. Inserting sound doctrine in our songs would fix this, I believe.

PS – This just in, apparently Jamie Grace originally wrote “Hold Me” in describing her Snuggie. No lie.