“Are You a Horn Blower?” by Brian Trainer

I heard a great sermon out of Philippians 2:1-11 by Brian Trainer yesterday in chapel (2.28.2012). Here are my sermon notes:

Why we shouldn’t blow our own horn:

  1. Because of Christ’s future exaltation. You cannot blow and bow at the same time (v.9-11).
  2. Because of Christ’s past humiliation. You can’t blow your own horn at the foot of the cross (v.5-8).
  3. Because of our present relationship with Christ (v.1).

How do you know if you’re a horn blower?

  • Do you have unresolved conflict with another believer (4:2-3)?
  • Do you have prideful misperceptions about your background (3:7-8)?
  • Do you care only about yourself (1:15)?
  • Do you seek theological division (1:15-18)?

MP3 of sermon audio

Additional thoughts: Pride is one of the most difficult sins to resist because…

  • It seems to be at the root of practically every other sin.
  • It is not typically a sin committed consciously or intentionally as are most other sins.
  • It is extremely easy to be prideful even in one’s humility.