Greek Exegetical Commentary on Philippians 1:27-30

For one of my classes last semester (Greek Exegetical Method), outside of translating the book of Philippians, all I did was study the original text of Philippians 1:27-30. It was a rather laborious process and task, but at the same time the study was extremely beneficial, both in helping me develop my exegetical skills and in understanding God’s word more. At the end of the semester I wrote a lengthy, and I warn you, very technical and academically minded commentary on these four verses. I certainly trust it will not only answer questions you may have concerning the text but also tell you more than you wanted to know. For those of you who know Koine Greek, you will find this more helpful than those who don’t. However, most of the technical discussion takes place in the footnotes, so even if you don’t know Greek you will still benefit from the body of this commentary (and possibly the footnotes too).

Download PDF of Commentary