Introducing the Kirk Miller Blog!

Hello and welcome to my new blog, the Kirk Miller Blog! If you have followed my writing in the past, you are probably aware of my former blog (which is now permanently inactive), I’m Calling Us Out (ICUO) (approximately 2009-2011). Due to those of you who did follow ICUO, or possibly to satisfy the interests of others, I have decided to write a brief explanation as to why I have started an entirely new blog with a new domain and everything.

My first reason is that I wanted something simpler than ICUO. ICUO had a great format, but the maintenance was too time consuming. Kirk Miller Blog has much simpler maintenance, which hopefully means I will be able to post more in less time.

But second, and more primarily, when my great friend, Josiah Gross, and I set out to develop ICUO, our intention was to develop a site where I could post articles pertaining to current issues within contemporary Christianity that needed to be addressed–hence the “I’m Calling Us [Christians] Out.” However, my writing tended to be much broader than that somewhat narrow topic. This didn’t really bother us at first, but I eventually came to the point where I decided I wanted to form a new a blog with a much broader scope, essentially a blog thats topic is not limited but open ended to all areas that I tend to write about–hence “Kirk Miller Blog.” And further, on this new blog I also plan not simply to write, but, as I began doing on ICUO, to post a variety of things such as other people’s writing, podcasts that I find helpful, book reviews, etc.

However, do not fret my ICUO followers. Your favorite articles, theology lessons, etc. from ICUO are not lost. First of all, ICUO has not be terminated. It’s still up. But second, to fill you in (if you even care and have read this far), as you may noticed, many, in fact most, of the content originally posted to I’m Calling Us Out has been transferred to the Kirk Miller Blog. I have re-read, edited, and for many, highly modified (some are basically new posts), and transferred the old ICUO posts that I have deemed worth saving. (They have all been posted under the date December 31, 2011. Therefore, all 2011 archive posts are old ICUO posts).

With that, take a look around, do some exploring, and enjoy!