The World Doesn’t Need Us

The world doesn’t need us. The world needs Christ.

The world doesn’t need our denominations, political opinions, convictions, upbringing, applications, preferences, or lifestyles.

The world doesn’t need our tracts, music standards, choir numbers, dress codes, or favored Bible translations.

It doesn’t need our Christian T’s, WWJD’s, bumper stickers, or Jesus fish on the back of our families’ mini vans.

The world doesn’t need our problems, our disunity, our arguments, our judgments, our hypocrisy, our seclusion, our water-downed, easybelievism gospel, our unfriendliness, our lack of compassion, our formality, our legalism, our irrelevance, or our insignificance.

. . . And neither do we.

The world doesn’t need our condemnation because it has been condemned already.

The world doesn’t need all our man-made hindrances that we have attached to the gospel and the name of Jesus Christ.

The world doesn’t need our worldliness.

The world simply, yet ever so deeply, needs Him.

Originally posted on former blog, I’m Calling Us Out.