Christian, Stop Sharing Fake News (Recommended Articles)

Fake News

Unintentionally timely. This week my sermon happened to be on truthfulness, honesty, and integrity.

We live in a society and culture in which truthfulness is severely under attack and corroding quickly.

We can look at our political scene — where this word ‘post-truth’ largely originates — where we have this odd paradox between the rise of fact-checkers and yet the reality that very little seem to care about those facts. We live in our social media echo chambers and simply choose to believe whatever we find convenient. We use to say, ‘You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.’ Now it seems like everyone can have their own facts too. ‘Truth’ is flexible and agenda driven.

~ Sermon (An Integrity that Needs No Oaths, James 5:12), South City Church

As Christians, we must be those who resist such things, not succumb to them. #FakeNews #AlternativeFacts


Facts Are Our Friends: Why Sharing Fake News Makes Us Look Stupid and Harms Our Witness, by Ed Stetzer

‘Alternative Facts’ and Christians as Gullible Skeptics, by Trevin Wax

Theology v. Unity: Some Thoughts on Unity

Some recent events in the “world of Christianity” have provoked some thoughts in my mind. I will get to those thoughts in a moment, but first allow me to give some background.

Growing up I always felt that there was way too much division in the church. Now by “division” I mean both in local churches and the universal Church. I grew up with a very interesting “religious” background. Growing up I was shifted through vatrious denominations as I had parents who were really trying to figure things out for themselves. Experiencing so many “flavors” of Christianity (besides making me very discerning) made me very anti-denominationalistic. Further, my senior year of high school the church I was attended, a church my family was heavily involved in, had a split, a breakup, or whatever else you’d like to call it. This was a devastating time for me but also a time that God used for extreme spiritual growth in my life. I was very upset at the adults of that church for acting so unbiblical and immature (especially since the split wasn’t even over some doctrinal issue). But this frustration sparked in me a desire to search the scriptures to discover for myself what the church was really all about and what the church should look like biblically. I’ll stop there, because this is not intended to be a biography in anyway; but those two factors, my encounters with various denominations and beliefs growing up as well as the church split, had an extreme effect on my view of unity.

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