Faith Conquers for Love (1 John 4:21-5:5)

Faith Conquers for Love (1 John 4:21-5:5)
CrossWay Community Church
November 1st, 2020

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Redemptive-Historical Survey: 6 | The Mosaic Covenant (LDBC Recap 3/13/16)


logo-lake-drive-baptist-churchOn Sunday, January 24th, 2016, I began a Core Seminar on Redemptive History & Biblical Theology at my church, Lake Drive Baptist Church. During the course of this series I’ll be sending out emails recapping lessons and directing recipients to resources for further study.

Rather than just share these recaps with my church family, I’ve decided to share them here on the blog for anyone else who might be interested. I will be posting them occasionally over the next couple of months on a weekly basis or so.

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This week we covered the Law or the Mosaic Covenant and its role in redemptive history.

Overview of Biblical material

Exodus 19-Deuteronomy 34.

God brings the people of Israel to Mt. Sinai (or Mt. Horeb) and he makes a covenant with them involving many laws.[1]


Before we move forward, we do well to note the various terms used to refer to this covenant so that, as we talk about this covenant and perhaps use these various terms, we are all on the same page in knowing what we are talking about.

  • The Law – Because this was law-covenant, a covenant involving many laws.[2]
  • Mosaic Covenant – Because Moses was the mediator of this covenant; it was given through Moses.
  • Israelite Covenant – Because this covenant was made with the nation of Israel.
  • Sinai Covenant (or covenant at Sinai) – Because this is where the covenant was made.
  • Old Covenant – i.e., “Old” as in contrast to the New Covenant.  It is “old” now that it has been superseded.

Role within redemptive history

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