Pandemics as a Gift for Growth? (Coronavirus, Ep. 4)

The current pandemic has caused disruption to our normal lives. This can be a great opportunity, however, for us to recalibrate how we live our lives. At the same time, they can become times where we flounder, and rather than growing we actually regress.  Could it be that this pandemic though, in some peculiar way, is–at least in some sense–a gift from God for our spiritual growth? How can we avoid “wasting” this moment?

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Abridged Bible Reading Plan

The following is an abridged Bible reading plan I developed in ministry at South City Church.

This plan is not intended to replace reading through the entire Bible; but, rather, is to serve as a more accessible starting point for those who are unacquainted with scripture. The hope is that those who use this plan would gain a basic understanding of scripture’s central message along with its key themes, structure, and movements, and, after having done so, would be better equipped to read through the scriptures in their entirety.

Download PDF of Abridged Bible Reading Plan.

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