“A Time To Speak” Live Stream Event (John Piper, Matt Chandler, Thabiti Anyabwile, Ed Steltzer, Bryan Lorrits, Etc.)

“In light of recent events in Ferguson, Missouri, Cleveland, and New York, 11 Christian pastors and leaders are gathering Dec. 16 at the historic Lorraine Motel and National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis for A Time to Speak, a live stream event focusing on race, the church and where to go from here.” [Source]

highly suggest you “attend” this event.

Sign up and view the event from this link (<– this is the same link for the now archived video — updated Dec. 19, 2014).

RECOMMENDED: Ferguson, Empathy, & Hope by Jefferson Bethke

Wise words from Jefferson Bethke on the Ferguson situation.

Here are some tweets for context and more wise comments.

Unfortunately, Bethke started getting attacked for that tweet.

For example… (below) Yet Bethke responds with insight into the situation that I wish more within evangelicalism had.

He concludes,

Goodreads Review of The Dangerous Act of Worship by Mark Labberton

The Dangerous Act of Worship: Living God's Call to JusticeThe Dangerous Act of Worship: Living God’s Call to Justice by Mark Labberton

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

–Thought-provoking and interesting. Although I have qualms with a variety of things he says, his employment of various motifs, and some unnecessarily ambiguous explanations, I very much agree with his thesis: worship and social justice must be connected. This is a needed prophetic wake-up call to the evangelical church which is largely apathetic or resistant to matters of social justice. Also, he writes well and interestingly.

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