From Nothing Matters to Everything Matters (Ecclesiastes)

From Nothing Matters to Everything Matters (Ecclesiastes)
CrossWay Community Church
October 6th, 2019

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Ecclesiastes: What’s This Life All About? (Grace Bible Church)

The following are my notes / outlines from a series of talks I did on the book of Ecclesiastes for the teen retreat at Grace Bible Church in Boise, Idaho.

Fear, God, and Delight–An Unexpected Combo?

Jumbo shrimp, airline food, just war, Microsoft Works, or my personal favorite, country music 🙂 — All of these might fall under a category titled oxymorons–a figure of speech containing self-contradicting components. Likewise, some individuals might also consider Nehemiah’s description of God’s servants in Nehemiah 1:11 as an equally oxymoronic phrase–those “who delight to fear” God’s name. …Give those words a second glance… “who delight to fear your name.” There’s so much in this phrase that runs contrary to our common conceptions. Most obviously, many of us would never pair fear and delight as companions, let alone a fear of God.

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