Questions for a Christian Analysis of Civil Disobedience

What is civil disobedience?

Civil disobedience is the intentional breach of legal duty. It is breaking the law. Those who engage in such disobedience lack the legal right to do so, i.e., their behavior is illegal, not legal. However, this sort of disobedience is to be distinguished from mere defiance, rebellion, or criminality. It is disobedience on the grounds of some claimed moral justification or duty.

One expression of civil disobedience is [a] the refusal to comply with and obey a law based on conscience — it is thought that to obey the law is to do evil, thus justifying (or even demanding) disobedience. The perceived evil may be “sin of commission” (being commanded to do wrong) or “sin of omission” (being commanded to refrain from good).

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A Scriptural Evaluation on the NT Believer’s Use of Tattoos and Body Piercings

Brian "Head" Welch - Christian, ex-guitarist of Korn, author of Save Me From Myself, and Christian musician.

Last semester, (fall semester of my senior year at Maranatha Baptist Bible College), I finally got around to taking Ethics class. In this course, every student was required to write two position papers on a specific moral issue. For my second paper I decided to tackle the issue of the morality the New Testament believer’s use of body piercings and tattoos, which is highly debated within certain Christian circles. My goal in this paper was to analyze the issue strictly from a Biblical perspective.
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