Recommended Media (11.9.13)

The ResurgenceBreaking the Islam Code by J.D. Greear kindle edition available for $1.99.

The Gospel Focus of Charles Spurgeon—Free eBook – Free book on Spurgeon. Enough said.

Some discounted apologetic books by Lee Strobel available here.

A book giveaway via Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. Some good books are being given away here.

John Frame’s Systematic Theology 50% off.

4 Reasons to Teach the Bible’s Storyline by Trevin Wax – This is very good. One could also title this, “4 Reason to Know (or Learn) the Bible’s Storyline. I’m teaching an upcoming series on the Bible’s storyline with my teens at church; so it’s probably not surprising that I like this one a lot.

When God’s Promise Overcomes Our Problem by Jason DeRouchie – Understanding the Law from a redemptive historical perspective. In other words, how does the Law fit into God’s big picture of salvation throughout the Bible?

The Double Presumption of Calling to MinistryEldering, Economics, and Calling to Ministry, and Reframing “Calling”: Words to Churches and Aspiring Pastors by Bobby Jamieson – “I think the common language of ‘calling’ to ministry is slippery and possibly misleading. I don’t think it’s necessarily sinful or unbiblical. But I do think it can obscure some important issues that men aspiring to ministry, and the churches that encourage and assess them, should pay more attention to. So in this series of posts I’m going to dig into a few issues related to calling to ministry that we sometimes neglect.”

A Call to Resurgence by The Resurgence – Here’s a preview of Mark Driscoll’s new book A Call to Resurgence. You can also enter the book giveaway. This book looks very interesting. Christendom has surely died in America. And it would seem a large generation of Christians needs a kick in the pants to wake up, come to grips with this, and drastically change its posture towards our culture. It appears that Driscoll is calling for this stance of urgency.

On a similar note, here are some ebook deals on some Resurgence books.

Toward a Biblical Approach to Dating by Paul Maxwell and Dating Games: 10 Worldly Things that Singles Do When Dating by Deepak Reju and Zach Schlegel – Here are two blog posts on Christianity as it relates to dating. They are thought provoking and challenging.

Established by Creation: Five Reasons for Biblical Complementarity and Established by Creation: Five More Reasons for Biblical Complementarity by David Schrock – A two post series presenting a case for a Biblical-theological understanding of gender roles–complementarity–based on Wayne Grudem’s work in Evangelical Feminism.

Halloween and Evangelical Identities by Russell Moore – This is hilarious.

The Gospel for a Gay Friend by Garrett Kell.

Free Online Class with R.C. Sproul Jr. on God’s Sovereignty in Suffering.

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Disclaimer: By recommending this media, I do not necessarily endorse any or all of its material, content, or authors.

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